We supply the world with great tasting wild mushrooms and other forest
products from the beautiful west coast of Canada and the United States....
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Since 2001 Pacific Rim Mushrooms has been offering a distinct line of wild mushrooms from Canada and the United States. We offer a line of dried and fresh mushrooms depending on the time of season as well as wild exotic greens such as fiddleheads and wild onions. Wild morel, chanterelle, lobster and porcini mushrooms are our specialty. Pacific Rim Mushrooms will do what it can to serve the highest quality mushrooms foraged deep in the forest right to your plate. Our website is verisign secure so you can order with confidence online or if you wish by phone. If you have any questions about our products feel free to contact us. Enjoy!


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Pacific Rim Mushrooms has been delivering fresh and dried gourmet wild products throughout the world and is pleased
that it expands everyone's culinary experience.

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