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Velvet Pioppini Mushroom

Robust flavor with earthy, woody notes. Traditional in pasta dishes. Excellent with red meats or game. The most exciting new cultivated mushroom since shiitake. Deep forest flavors, winey tannins. A center of the-plate celebrity.

The unique robust flavor of the Velvet Pioppini has already made it a hit with chefs all over America. Also known as the Black Poplar mushroom, it has magnificent dark brown caps on long cream colored stems. The intense forest flavor makes it a natural for pastas, game, and red meats. The caps are dark chocolate brown with a soft/silky texture. The creamy stems have a texture similar to asparagus. Excellent on its own, with red meats or game. Widely used in Italy for pasta con funghi. Pair with big red wines.
sold in 3 lb bags only - must order 3 or 6 lbs etc only

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5 lb. minimum when ordering any fresh product  (can be combined with dried products)
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Velvet Pioppini Mushroom 1 lb / 0.453 kg crate
5 lb / 2.267 kg crate
10 lb / 4.535 kg crate
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