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Fresh Morel Mushroom - This is one of the most popular, sought after wild mushrooms. Its flavor is unlike any other mushroom, tasting meaty or nut-like. Its aromatic quality lends itself best to light cream or wine sauces, and pastas.
Fresh Yellow Chanterelle Mushroom - This extremely popular mushroom has a texture that is both chewy and crunchy and holds up well when cooking. With this mushrooms peppery undertones it goes very well in combination with dried apricots, peaches, or apples.
Fresh Hedgehog Mushroom - This is a very versatile mushroom, going well with both meat and fish dishes. It has a flavor that is not met by any others, and should be tried as a separate dish on their own.
Fresh Yellow Foot Chanterelle Mushroom - Yellow to brown in color, they have a plum smell which makes it perfect to go with game dishes. Can also be served with the majority of meat and fish dishes due to their versatility and ability to be mixed with other mushrooms and vegetables.
Fresh Black Trumpet Mushroom - This bold mushroom is striking with any dish. Most popular with french cuisine, this mushroom does taste best after being re-hydrated from a dried form.
Maitake Mushroom - Maitake/Hen of the Woods (Grifola frondosa), referring to a mythical griffin, commonly known as Sheep's Head, Ram's Head and Hen of the Woods or Maitake, is an edible polypore mushroom. Has a strong woods taste and is a great substitute for any mushroom.
Blue foot Mushroom - This mushroom is everything a mushroom should be: meaty, tasty, colorful and multitalented. Suited for every style of cooking and storing, the only limitation for L. nuda is that it absolutely must be cooked before consumption.
Baby Shiitake Mushroom - Shiitake (Lentinula edodes) is an edible mushroom native to East Asia. Shiitake have many uses in Chinese and Japanese cuisines. They are served in miso soup, used as the basis for a kind of vegetarian dashi, and also as an ingredient in many steamed and simmered dishes.
Trumpet Royale Mushroom - The Trumpet Royale has a wonderful nutty flavor, a resilient firm texture, and an amazing shelf life. Chefs in some of the country's finest restaurants have remarked on its versatility and will often use it in place of wild mushrooms.
Hon Shimeji Mushroom - The hon-shimeji is referred to as the true shimeji and is highly esteemed in Japan where cultivation techniques were first developed. In nature, hon-shimeji grows on wood, often on beech trees hence the common name Beech Mushroom.
White Hon Shimeji Mushroom - The richly flavored hon-shimeji,or white Beech mushroom is regarded as one of the most "gourmet" of all the oyster-like mushrooms.
French Horns (King Eryngii) Mushroom - It is the largest species in the oyster mushroom genus, Pleurotus, which also contains the oyster mushroom Pleurotus ostreatus. It has a thick, meaty white stem and a small tan cap (in young specimens).
Abalone (White Elf) Mushroom - Its flavour and texture are described as being juicy, with a peppery tang, and can be fried just like oysters making a good addition for stews.
Fresh Lobster Mushroom - This extremely versatile mushroom can be replaced when a recipe calls for any other mushroom. This is a firm, soft textured mushroom that goes well with baked dishes or sauteed with meat. Enjoy!
Fresh Cauliflower Mushroom - This unique mushroom has a distinct flavor and appearance. Very good fried or with many curry dishes, and also popular in soups and stews. Enjoy!
Fresh Porcini Mushroom - This sought after mushroom is popular to both master chefs and the ordinary cook alike. The King Bolete has a flavor that is robust and a texture that is meaty and sturdy. It complements strongly flavored dishes best.
Fresh Matsutake (Pine) Mushroom - This mushroom has an undeniable fragrance, both sweet and spicy. An all purpose mushroom that can be substituted for any kind when the recipe calls. It is excellent with everything.
Fresh Fiddlehead - A spring delicacy, fiddleheads are the young fronds of certain types of ferns. Although the word "fiddlehead" could refer to any fern shoots, only one variety, the ostrich fern, is considered edible. These tightly curled green shoots are picked before their leaves unfurl.
Fresh Blue Chanterelle Mushroom - Like the yellow chanterelle, this mushroom has a texture that is both chewy and crunchy. Its beautiful color makes any dish more presentable. This rare mushroom has a bold taste that is undeniable. Enjoy!
Fresh Chicken of the Woods Mushroom - This easily recognized mushroom stands out with its bold color, soft color and absence of gills. Makes a surprisingly good substitute for chicken dishes if prepared right!
Fresh Bear's Tooth Mushroom - This rare and highly prized mushroom is prized for its strong and distinct mushroom taste. Goes great in sauces and is an excellent addition in soups. Enjoy!
Fresh Admiral Bolete Mushroom - This mushroom is a cook's delight. It has a slightly different taste than its cousin, the King Bolete, but it's still excellent in many dishes and salads. Enjoy!

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