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Fresh Black Trumpet Mushroom

This bold mushroom is striking with any dish. Most popular with french cuisine, this mushroom does taste best after being re-hydrated from a dried form.

It's unique buttery taste pronounces any dish and is a favorite among world renound chefs. The Black Trumpet is seasonal and only Fresh in the late summer and fall months. Also known as "Trompette". The genus name of this mushroom is Craterellus cornucopioides

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Beef Tenderloin - Black Trumpet Mushroom,
Black Truffle Potato Gratin, Bordelaise Sauce Recipe

Black Truffle Potato Gratin:
1 kg Yukon Gold potatoes (peeled and very thinly sliced)
5 g black truffle (brunoise)
15 g black trumpet mushroom (hydrated and brunoise)
1/2 small onion (very finely chopped)
50 ml white wine
20 ml white truffle oil
50 g old white Cheddar
150 ml whipping cream

In a pot, reduce the wine, onion and cream. Add the sliced potatoes, truffles, black trumpet mushroom, truffle oil and cheese. Add salt and white pepper. Line a square 10'' backing dish (glass or tin) with parchment paper. Add all the ingredients. Make sure to distribute the potatoes evenly and avoid creating gaps or air pockets. Cover and cook at 350F for about 35 minutes (until the potatoes are cooked). Refrigerate overnight, covered and weighted. Cut the gratin into 2 ½'' x 3 ½'' rectangles and then again in ½ to make the rectangles.

Bordelaise sauce (300ml):
100 g mirepoix (equal amounts of carrot, celery and onion)
125 ml red wine
350 ml veal demi
Sprig of thyme and rosemary
40 g bone marrow (chopped)

In a hot, dry stainless steel pot, add the mirepoix and caramelize. Deglaze with the wine and reduce to about 30ml. Add the demi and slowly reduce to the desired consistency. Steep a sprig of thyme and rosemary for the last 10 minutes. Strain. Add the bone marrow and emulsify with a hand blender. Add sea salt and white pepper, if needed. Strain.

Beef Tenderloin:
6 6½-oz portion of AAA beef tenderloin

Pan sear and finish in the over to your desired temperature.

Servings: 6

Plate Presentation:
AAA Alberta beef tenderloin served on the potato gratin. The gratin in cut into 2 triangles: 1 up and 1 down. The meat is carved into 2 large pieces. The bordelaise sauce served either on the bottom of the plate or drizzled over the beef tenderloin.

this recipe brought to you by The Fairmont Copley Plaza, Chef Laurent Poulain

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